Software Development

  1. Agile Development Process
  2. Efficient and Dynamic Technology
  3. Fully Customizable
  4. Continuous Integration, Testing, Delivery

Custom Software Development

Dashboard Application

The dashboard application is for companies that process large amounts of data. The dashboard application comes with two platforms, data entry and reporting. The data entry platform is used to enter and manipulate data, while the reporting platform consists of executive-level dashboards (including Authorization and approval systems). An On-premises option is available for people who want to keep the application local.

Business Process Management

At Saportif Technology, we digitalize your processes and develop customized workflows for your software. Through daily and weekly meetings, we ensure your dashboards and workflows are fit for all your needs. Here are some of examples of some of our most common BPM requests

  1. Internal Service Requests
  2. Human Resources Processes
  3. Transportation Processes
  4. Incident Management

Technologies We Use

Various technologies we use most


Custom Features

Add custom features to your software such as:


  1. Azure AD
  2. Google Authentication
  3. Custom Methods


  1. Power BI
  2. Report Server


  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Hybrid Solutions
  3. On-prem Installations


  1. Role-based authorization
  2. IP and tenant restrictions
  3. User policies
  4. Enforcing MFA

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